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Wednesday Reading - Page 28

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New words from this page and their meaning!

Vaccine- are a little bit of the virus that is dead so your body can make antibodies that can fight off the virus.
Zinc Sulphate- a medicine
Formally improved -Approved from the Government
Medical Benefit- Helping your body fight.
Undoubtedly- probably, definitely
Spray inhalers - a gas you breathe in through your nose/mouth, think of an asthma inhaler.

benefit/beneficial - mean the same thing

Next each student wrote the information re read in their own words.

Mariah - In 1918 there wasn’t any type of vaccines.In these days they would get a spray (Zinc Sulphate gas) and think it would do anything but it did nothing but they would breathe on each one and would still have the flu.They got more of the virus.So the spray did nothing at all.So once the war was finished they  they had a party and had the flu again.

Eh Htoo- in 1918 there wasn’t any flu vaccine they didn't know how to make vaccines or even know. What they are and the curse of the flu was unknown. Soon people got scared so they thought that breathing in a type of chemical called zinc sulphate gas. If they wanted to breathe the zinc they had to go to a public place in small rooms with lots of tubes. That made them even more sick. And the zinc gas didn’t even help with medical benefits. After the war people got together in parties to ask peace which got them even more sick.         

Hope -   In those days they didn’t have any vaccine, Vaccine is something that makes antibodies and can fight off the virus/flu. Zinc sulphate gas is a medicine which they thought would get rid of the virus/flu. A few years later they found out that the spray inhalers didn’t do anything because they were all crowded together in the same room and that made it worse. Later on when the war finished everyone was excited and they were all together again and celebrating. That way the flu spread more and that caused more deaths.

Railey-During 1918 vaccine did not exist(vaccine- something that can fight off the virus). And had no clue how to stop the virus from spread. But  during that time they thought of something that could maybe fight it off, called the special bratio spray chamber(the special spray chamber is a pipe that can spray zinc sulphate gas to people) . But years later they knew that it didn't have any effect (didn't kill the germs or flu). During 1918 4 years later  people thought it was fine and so they had parties but later on the virus started to spread again.

Senitila- In the 1918  Vaccine did not exist. Vaccine helps your body fight the virus or flu off. People were offered one formally approved treatment: breathing in Zinc sulphate gas, which was thought to prevent the spread of the disease. When the war had finished everyone was happy and had parties and they got sick again and that's how the flu spread more around and it had caused more deaths.

Davlyn-in 1918 there were no vaccines because they did not know how to make them, vaccines are things that you put in your body to fight off all the viruses. In those days instead of  the vaccines they used zinc sulphate gas to fight off the, to use the zinc sulphate gas you had to go in one area with heaps of other people which is the opposite of the isolation. virus but these days we know that the zinc sulphate gas. But after the four years of war people wanted to celebrate, some people tried to ban street parties. In this celebration the death poll results went up.

 Wesley - In 1918 vaccines were not there because people weren’t smart enough at the time. Vaccines are meant to help your body fight back any bacteria that would come to them. At the time they had something they could zinc sulphate gas they thought it would help fight back the viruses but it was not proven.They had to stand next to other different people so they would probably get sick.  After the war everybody partied then all of them got sick.

Michael-in 1918 there were no flu vaccines and no medicine that could treat complications from the flu. Breathing in zinc sulphate gas, which was thought to prevent the spread of the disease. The medical benefits didn't make everyone better, it made everyone sick because they were all in the same room helping others but when they are helping others they become sick because they were breathing on each other. After the war everybody was having parties, getting drunk. When they had parties they gave each other the flu/virus.

And lastly we worked collabotively on this Google Drawing, which analyses each of the different treatment methods they used.

Comment below if you have ever heard of any of these treatment methods before and in what context!


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