Thursday, May 28, 2020

Samoan Language Week

This week is Samoan Language Week! 

Here is a beautiful Samoan dance performed by Nitika, Senitila, Mariah, Louvina and Litia. 

We made some Siapo art without tracing it!
By Michael

By Michael

By Davlyn

By Railey

By Nitika

By Hope

By Miss Ashley

By Eh Htoo 

By Havea

By Mariah

By Ana F

By Isi and Lemeki

By Mathew

By Kymani

By Litia 

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

First attempt at baking

Today we did some baking - partly to have something fun to do, partly to look after our physical and mental health, partly so Miss Ashley could assess how much we know/can do. 
We got into groups of 4 people, got given a recipe and away we went!

Here are the videos we made to show our process!
Group 1 - Hope, Mariah, Nitika and Senitila.
Hope's blog post
Mariah's blog post
Nitika's blog post
Senitila's blog post

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Amazing CREATE tasks

In technology control group with Mr Grundy from Tamaki College, students were asked to design (and make if they could) something steampunk inspired. 

Here is what Mariah made.

Over the last few weeks, we have been learning a lot about WW1 through ANZAC related reading tasks, and exploring what else NZ soldiers did during WW1. 
Yesterday we made a DLO showing the complexity of the battlefield, with trenches on both sides, aerial attacks, and the tunnels build under no mans land. 

One student, Wesley, built his own no man's land on a game called Combat 5. 
And we played as a class...

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Monday Reading - Underground soldiers page 33

Text -

This is a map showing the way Germany went to get to France. The Western Front went along the top of France. Its purpose was to stop Germany getting all the way through France and down to other countries.

Mariah -In August 1914 the first ever world war 1 began.Both tema dug a long line of trenches that faced one another drawing war.This was the Western Front.The space between the two sets of trenches was called no-man’s land.German trenches by sending thousands of soldiers across no-man’s land.Huge numbers died aƞ er being shot at or shelled. To limit the risk to their men, both sides began to dig tunnels that led under no-man’s the hope of killing soldiers in the enemy trenches overhead. This was known as tunnel warfare – the war underground.

Wesley - In the year 1914 the first ww1 started. The German soldiers attacked Belgium and swept into the Western front through France. 1000 men were to go to German to attack but they all got killed,Both sides dug a trench named no man's land.

Michael - in August 1914 the first world war began. The German army invaded Belgium and swept in france. The allies stopped the Germans advance, and both sides dug a long line of trenches that was called no-mans- land. The allies tried to capture the German trenches by sending thousands of soldiers across no-mans land on foot. 

Hope - In 1914 in August the German army invaded Belgium and swept into France. The Allies stopped the German advance. Both sides dug a long line of trenches that faced one another. The space between the two sets of trenches was called no-man's land. There were Allies that tried to capture the German trenches by sending over thousands of soldiers across the no-man's land on foot. Huge numbers died after being shot at or shelled. The two sides began to dig underneath the no-man's land. Where they used explosives in the hope of killing the enemies. It was known as the tunnel warfare - war underground

Davlyn - in august, the German and British with their allies NZ finally meet in France to fight in the ww1. There were two trenches: the british and the german and in the middle was called no man's land. When soldiers went in on foot they would have died from getting shot at, the british tried to capture the germans trenches on no man land but they failed. Both sides had to go and dig under there enemy trenches and put explosives under them and then they will fall in and die.

Eh Htoo -Tunnel Warfare began in August 1914, when the German army took over Belgium and went into france. The Allies tried to stop the German by sending thousands of soldiers across no-man’s land large numbers of men died by being shot at or shelled to limit the risk to their men the two army  

Railey-during August 1914, the german army took over Belgium and after they did they charged at france and started to invaded it but luckily the allies took advantage and stopped german from advancing

Image result for western front no man's land | World war i, No ...
No mans land during the war

No Man's Land | Facts, Summary, Overview & WW1 | Revision Notes
No mans land after the war 
(the wholes or craters in the ground here are leftover from the war)

Davlyn's picture.

Hope's picture

Railey's picture

Wesley's picture