Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sentence Starters for persuasive writing

Today we practised using persuasive sentence starters for different topic. 

Here are some of our sentences!
The truth is that students don’t need free time because they come to school for learning. Another argument is that students get free time at morning tea, lunch and after school so they don’t need it during learning time.
To start with, I would like to define free time as leisure time for students. Typically, they play games on their computers and go on Youtube.
By Sumuree, Vina and Maani

I belive that Fidget spinner should be not allowed in class because they stop people from learning and they won't listen to their teacher.

Although I have spoken about how fidget spinners can distract students, they do have a good side. My next opinion is that fidget spinners will help people calm down if they are angry.
By Lopiseni, Kordell and Terell

Statement: Students should pick their own teachers!

I believe that kids should pick their own teacher.

I agree that they should not pick their own teacher because the teacher can be lazy, bad at learning or could be to easy.

In my opinion kis should pick their own teacher because some teachers can be good at teaching and some are lazy.

The truth is if kids pick their own teacher the kids might not listen to the teacher.
By Stanley and Railey

School uniforms should be compulsory

In my opinion,I think that uniform doesn’t because more washing.

To start with,uniforms mean that it is just a set of clothes that have the school logo on it.

It is obvious that, most schools have uniforms.

Everyone knows that,sometimes they can be ugly.

Just imagine, if no schools had uniforms then what would that world be like.

By Syraiah-Lee

Fidget spinners should/shouldn't be allowed in class.

I definitely disagree that fidget spinners should be compulsory so students can learn instead of focusing on the fidget spinners it makes people fidget with it because it says it straight in the title and it also causes distraction towards other people and will make everyone get it and our teacher will be mad cause of all the hard work and effort she put into it because everyone won't listen that's why i think fidget spinners should not be compulsory in school and in other classes
By Leon and Tipene
Car should Get banned because of global warming?
By Timote

I believe that car should get banned although car get us around
without wasting our energy.
The fact is global warming is getting worse by the minute because fuel prices are going off chat in New Zealand's as I know. In my opinion everyone knows that fuel is up and I am absolutely certain car should get banned and they should get electric cars and just full it up at home.The conclusion is we can full up you're at home and not more global warming by using solar panels.
I believe that we should wear school uniforms everyday, so that we can show pride to our school !
I don’t believe that we shouldn't wear school uniform because it's too expensive and it can rip easily
Although some people don’t wear school uniform and just wear mufti since the can’t afford, or other people ask their older sibling for hand me downs !

By Waiari and Lily

Every Kid should learn how to swim?

My first reason is as they grow up having kids and one day they will be having a joyful swim around but suddenly their kid got too far to the sea and started to drown and what do you do? (thinking)what?.
By Hiria, Vaiola, Maria and Ana

Rugby is better than Netball

I believe that rugby is better than netball cause it is more physical and makes u more fit and you get paid more money.

I think that rugby is better cause rugby is more exercise and get more fit also more money and netball players only have to stand still when they get the ball.

I Agree that Rugby makes thousands of dollars but netball makes 1.5 Million dollars Which is shocking.

My first reason is that you have more energy to run 109.4 yard around the field, and netball fields are 8.30 meters which is small for warm up running. Shawn Johnson is a Rugby legend and has made 10 million dollars over the years.  

By Havea, Paula, and Isaia

One group even put a rhetorical question in their writing!

Not knowing what to do because you can’t swim the reason why you never had learned a lesson how to swim, what would happen to you child?!.
By Hiria, Vaiola, Maria and Ana

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Writing persuasive texts

Today Miss Ashley showed us how to write a plan for a persuasive text and then use the plan to help us write.


Title: Rugby is better than netball!

I agree.
3 ideas - get paid more, Kiwi culture, more fitness.

Paragraph 1:
Different players and teams get different amounts. Skills based.
**all blacks get paid millions.
Black ferns - get paid waaaaaaaay less.

Paragraph 2:
People from NZ always support rugby - all blacks are super famous - NZ always wins - won the world cup.
Paragraph 3:
Training everyday, in rugby you run a lot, netball you don’t. Netball court is smaller than a rugby field.
**Although netball is smaller court/not running, it has less injuries. Less agressive.
These are my reasons why I agree that...

Miss Ashley's writing: 
Rugby is better than netball! 
I agree that rugby is better than netball! Rugby players get paid more than netball players, it is a major part of Kiwi culture and rugby players are way fitter than netball players.

In New Zealand, rugby players get paid huge amounts of money per season or depending on their contract. It is a hugely desirable job that also gives you other benefits. Yes, you get paid to actually play rugby. But you also can get modelling contracts like how Dan Carter was a model for Jockey, you can also get paid to do other kinds of jobs just because you are famous. For example how Richie McCaw is the ambassador for Fonterra Milk in Schools. He would get paid extra to do that as well. What people might not realise is that the men’s rugby team, the All Blacks, get paid a lot more than the female team, the Black Ferns. The Black Ferns also don’t get the opportunity to earn extra money through modelling or being an ambassador, so a lot of them still have normal jobs to help them survive day to day. This is rather unfair considering the Black Ferns are highly ranked in the world just the same as the All Blacks.

Another reason I agree that rugby is better than netball is that it is a huge part of kiwi culture. When people think about Kiwi culture, they think about buzzy bees, BBQs, the beach, rugby and the beautiful scenery that NZ has. We are famous in the world for having amazing rugby players. A lot of our rugby players go to play for other countries (and get paid even more to do so!) because the standard of our players is so high.

A third reason why rugby is better than netball is because to play rugby, you need to be fitter than you do for Netball. It is obvious to everyone that in netball you aren’t allowed to run with the ball, so essentially you just stand still. What a lazy sport! In rugby you have to run the whole field, so you have to be really really fit and strong. You also have to tackle, so you have to have really strong legs and back to be able to tackle people to the ground. The field is way bigger in rugby than the court is in netball, so your endurance must be stronger. The All Blacks train every single day to keep fit enough to play competitive. Something to consider though, is that netball is a non-contact sport and has very few injuries. Rugby however, is a rough and tumble sport where injuries occur every single game. These injuries could ruin a players life and career. Brain damage and concussions are common.

I hope I have convinced you that rugby is better than netball! The next time you go out to play a sport, choice rugby!

Here are some of our writing examples.

Should Fidget spinners be allowed in class?

I disagree with the statement ‘fidget spinners should be allowed in class.’ Because people can distract people while being busy with work, they can hurt people and they are very very expensive.

For my first disagreement was fidget spinners should not be aloud in class because people will get distracted by them. They can get distracted by plating with them in the middle of learning. So the kids will get distracted by them so the kids won't be able to learn.

My second reason is that they can hurt people, they can hurt people by putting it near their teeth then it will bump it. sometimes people can hurt each other and throw it at each other. Then they will fight over them.

My last reason is it is very very very expensive and it is hard to bye. So when you go school some people might shove it in your face if you don’t have one.

So that is why I think fidget spinners should not be aloud in class.

By Davlyn

break time at school should be longer

I disagree that break time should be longer. The three reasons why I disagree are hats can be expensive, less learning time and get bored playing the same games.

Outside play should be shorter because we won't have time to learn about history, maths, reading and writing because we had our breaktime longer and that’s why I don’t want break time to be longer because we can’t go college and university.

Break time needs to be shorter because hats can be expensive for people because when it’s summer you can get sunburn or skin cancer which is really bad for our body.

The worst thing about break time to be longer is because you get bored playing the same games and ….

By Railey.

Rugby is better than netball
The whole of New Zealand loves rugby. At a lot of school boys and girls are in rugby teams that means the parents want them to get a good future. Some of the All Black were in local rugby club close to their house. After their rugby club days they went to college rugby if they get a scholarship or pay. Later on in life they might get an offer to join a super rugby team like the The Blues and the hurricanes. Rugby is better than netball because kids and adults get fit and it will help with your brain development.

On one hand people on New Zealand disagree about rugby because most people get hurt and damaged which leads to parent crying if seriously injured or death.Around the world they play rugby for fun in school but on the field it get seriously because you can get hit badly on a bad spot of body like 4you're head. I disagree because you could die on rugby which is really bad for us.

Rugby is bad because their is a lot of physical interacting with other players.There's a lot of sweating rugby because training and recovering from injuries like if you broke your leg and you want to go play rugby by you have to use your legs everyday to help getting use to it.Finally the last reason why rugby is bad for some people is because some offer from teams around the world have to send the player out to there training grounds and their country for 3 year or more.

Rugby is amazing sport because you can be famous and win thousand of dollars which can make your family happy. But the best thing about rugby is working together as a team and relying on team if you need help.You can get money from winning rugby game and going to another team which is good because every team make different amount of money and you can send it back to your family.

Rugby is good because it good for your health and your body.

By Timote.

Writing persuasive introductions!

Last week we learnt to identify the different features of persuasive writing and we talked about the kinds of words used in persuasive texts. 

We are learning using the model 


so then we don't think we are 'bad' at writing. When we start off we are 'good', then we can only get better. 

The next step for us is to learn how to write a 'good' introduction. 
In a good introduction, you have say if you agree or disagree, what the statement is and what your reasons are (these will become your paragraph). You also use the words 'I agree/disagree' because its what you think. 

In a 'better' introduction, you don't say 'I' - you just talk about the topic. 
To make your introduction better, you have to 
1) explain the statement 
2) acknowledge both sides to the argument (these will become your paragraphs)

To help us practice how to write good introductions, we filled our pro/con forms about different statements. 
then we choose one we liked and wrote an introduction with a buddy. 

Here are some examples of our introductions. 
Fidget spinners should be allowed in class  ! 
I disagree that Fidget Spinners should be allowed in class. Because people will won’t focus on work and will be in trouble and will not learn new stuff that your mates in your learned. So when they tomorrow they will be like I don’t know hot to do can you please help me. So that is my reason why. 
Written By Ana.

Fidget spinners should be allowed in class !
Fidget spinners should not be allowed in class because most people would be fidgeting everytime we try to learn but it just distracted with our education and we won’t have a good education in school, Fidget spinner are annoying in class because we don’t learn anything . 
Fidget spinners should be allowed in class because it make our minds more fun for us to learn with and watching the Fidget spinner will teach us how to spin something every time. 
By Lily Uasi

I agree that we should learn how to swim because we might go to the beach and then the tide comes in and you don’t know how to swim . So it is better that you should learn how to swim because when you are very far you can swim back and you should always were life jackets so when you drown you could float back up.  
By Vaiola

I disagree that  we have free time instead swap it with P.E. instead of staying inside. I disagree because they won’t learn anything like maths writing reading and inquiry also its bad for your brain. Free time is bad cause it doesn't make you smart and just makes you dumb PE is good cause you get fit or faster like if you play touch or rugby.
By Isaia

Athletics day 2018!

Last Friday we had our annual athletics day! 
We ran, jumped and threw and had a lot of fun.
Congratulations to Benghazi who was the winner for the day!  

Check out the house chants below - 

For more photos/videos - click here.

 What was your favourite part of Athletics?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2018 - A day in the life

Kia Ora!

This is our Manaiakalani Film Festival movie for 2018!

We wanted to show what 'a day in the life' of is like at Tamaki Primary School.
We are lucky to have loving teachers, use netbooks for learning, have lots of friends to play with and learn with.

Check out what a day in the life of a Tamaki kid is like!

Leave us a comment about which is your favourite part of the school day!

Monday, November 5, 2018

What we are learning in maths!

At the moment we are learning about measurement.

We have been learning
- what is the difference between standard and non-standard units and which is better to use
- what the units stand for (cm means centimetre, m means meters, km means kilometre)
- which is bigger or smaller
- how many mm fit in 1cm, how many cms fit in 1m, and how many m's fit in 1km.
- how to convert between units (e.g. changing 2,500m to 2.5km).

One day we went outside to practise drawing what we thought 1mm, 1cm and 1m looked like/how big they were. Some of us weren't sure but we learnt that 1cm is about the width of your finger and 1m is about the length of your arms.

 (Our first ideas...)

1m = width of your arms

1cm = width of your finger.

Two boys figured out that if two people laid next to each other with arms outstretched, it makes 2m. 

So then we tried to make it as long as we could, even trying to see how long the court is if we measured using our arm-spans. 

We have been practising in class how to convert between different units.

We had a DMIC question about measurement - 

And we shared our working on the board.

Then we practised saying which one is bigger by converting all the numbers to the same unit so we could compare them.