Monday, August 21, 2017

PWC - Financial Literacy

For maths this week we are learning about financial literacy. 
We are lucky enough to have some special guests from PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers). 

They taught us lots about insurance, saving money, knowing who it is safe to borrow money off and so much more.

Here are some student DLOs about what we learnt.

By Auckland

By Hiria

By Coralee

Monday, August 14, 2017

Narrative writing T3W4

Today we started learning about narratives. 

We have all learnt about narratives before, so we knew something about them. The most important thing with narratives, is that they have a problem and a solution. 

Firstly, Miss Ashley told us oral narratives (telling them out loud, instead of writing them down). 
We gave our ideas for characters, settings and problems, and she made up a random story about them.

Next, we acted out our own narratives, using characters/settings/problems that the class came up with.

Here is our creations.

On the last one, Miss Ashley wrote down exactly what was narrated (said).

One fine sunny morning, there was 2 dogs. They were playing. They were really good friends, as they were brother and sister. ‘Wooooof’ growled one dog. Then one day, two people came. ‘Which dog do you want?’ said one of them. Kika wanted a dog, and chose the dog called Grace. GRace didn’t know what was going on, and felt sad at that moment, but she went to her new owner. Her brother didn’t know, he was still sleeping. The new owner, and her mum, walked away. The brother woke up, and he looked everywhere for his sister. She wasn’t there. He got angry. He got crazy. ‘WOO WOO WOO’ he cried for his sister.

So the new owner and the mum went to the markets to get some food. ‘Okay, elts eat’ said the mum. The brother dog was still looking for his sister. He looked like a scary gorilla. He looked at the owner and the mum. He looked straight in their eyes. He barked and barked. WOOO WOO WOO. They got really scared. They called pet control, and pet control.
Amon was biting them into pieces, and then he ran away.

10 years later… the brother was still looking for his sister. He was so old. He finally saw his sister! He was so happy. They both went together and started playing. They were so excited.