Wednesday, May 29, 2019

HTML code

Today we are learning about HTML code.
HTML stands for Hyper text Mark Language. It is like a secret language that hides behind everything you can see on blog posts and internet.

IMG stands for image. This means it is talking about a picture.

Embed means something has been put in from another source, such as a Google Drawing.

color is talking about colour something is, like the background of writing or the background of the page.

Br means blank row. This means there is a space between the two pictures.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Pros and cons

We are learning about persuasive writing.

Today we learnt there are different sides to an argument, called pro and con.

Living far away is hard to get to school because we Have to get up really early like 5 in the morning, after we get out of the house is the traffic waiting for us,
Then we go and to check Mum's work and that takes about 2 minutes,
Then were back on the road &  is more traffic waiting for us  that will take another 2 minutes,then when we get to school it’s already 9.
       By Anittah and Joshua

            I think that because Me and my sister finished doing our school uniform and my brother is still sleeping. And then he wake up and then he went to brush his teeth and wash his face. And then me and my sister waiting for him so long. And then he finished doing his school uniform. But  my mum is still sleeping. And then she wake up and then she drop us at school.
Another reason I think that school should start at 9 to 3 because you do not want to stay at school for a long time so you can get less work and less play also it gives you 6 hours to learn things, school ends at 3 so you have plenty of time to play at home you have to get ready for school by 9am and you can also you can do anything you want and go anywhere
and you can have some fun with your siblings or cousin to play with.
By Angellynah, Moana and Langiola
The reason why we should go to school at 10:30 instead of 9.00 clock.Is because we could have more,energy for our work at school we will still have the same time for learning,But as soon as we get home by 5:30 it will be dinner time And we won't have time to play but learning is more important so we can learn more at school.And get a great job to earn money when you are older.
By:Litia Luisa

Another reason that I think that school should start at 9:00 am is because so people could wake up early and also so children could feel how it feels like when adults wake up early.My first reason that I thought schools should start at 9:00 am so when children grow up and get a job they could see how adults felt like when adults had to wake up early for work.Most people will agree that schools should start at 9:00 am so children would get lots of hours of learning with their friends and also so children would come home tell what happened in their day.Also if schools started at 10:30 am there would be less school hours to learn
By Michael and Dyzon
Most people would agree that school should start at 10.30 because other people would have problems about going to sleep earlier at night time which means if they wake up in the morning,they have to wake up in about 7am or 8am so if they get to school they are not wasting any learning or interrupting other students learning time,
Being late is not a problem but you still don’t have time.  
We would have 4 and a half.
If we had 4 and a half hours at school there would still be morning tea and lunch but probably less learning.
By Tsai
My first reason is that natural sleep hours is when the sun is down. So children being asleep from midnight to 9am is not natural. When you wake up you have to get ready but sometimes you will be lazy and cold.          
By  Lily and Maria
Another reason I think that appointments take time and it is hard to get to school at 9:00am and then finish at 3:00pm.School should start at 10:30am and should finish at 5:00pm and by the time you get home dinner would be ready so it wouldn't waste your time playing with your street friends.If you went to school at 10:30am and finished at 5:30pm you would have 7 hours and would still include morning tea and lunch but we would still have learning to do and we would have probably a extra morning tea lunch break and would be hard for some and easy for some that live close and far.
Made by :Lynch
My first reason is that when us kids get ready for school our parents always sleep late and they wake up early. When the always wake up late it makes us got to school late. So what stoles time at home affects us by going late to school. Which is very bad because it is very embarrassing because everybody keeps on staring at you until we sit on the mat. So should tell our parents to sleep at 10am or 11am so they can get up more early and we can go to school more earlier. By Wesley.

My reason is why kids come late. It might be that their parents and siblings take there time to do their hair or to take a bath. Then if they do that we would be going to school late. Then if that happens we would be missing our learning time and not learn anything.

by Fereti and Wesley

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Term 1 Shared Lunch

During the last week of Term 1, Week 11, we had our shared lunch to celebrate completing the term. 
Everyone bought food to share and we watched Charlie and the chocolate factory (as we had finished reading the book). 

Van Gogh art

In the last week of Term 3, we did art every single day. 

We replicated different Vincent Van Gogh artworks using different mediums.