Monday, September 25, 2017

Kiwi-Sport reflection: Hip Hop

Today was our last Kiwi-sport session for this term.
We have been learning Hip Hop from our teacher Jasmine.

We have learnt lots of different moves.
Thank you to Hiria, Syraiah-Lee and Kika for showing us each move.

At the end of our last session, we had a competition where we performed our own choreography.
Here is each groups choreogrophy. 

Each student gave some feedback about the Kiwi-sport lessons for this term. 

Coralee - I like that she gave us some dance moves to put in our dance.
Merielle - the hardest part when you have to memorise all the moves, but I really liked the competition.
Kordell -  my favourite part was learning new moves.
Joshua - I liked being up on stage to do some MJ
Auckland - we didn't get to choose our competition song, i got tired learning new moves.
Amon - I liked to participate with my friends and have fun.
Reign - my favourite was having fun
Hiria - the hard thing was working in a group when the other people were mucking around and not listening
Edith - I liked learning new dances and how people support each other on the stage.
Lopi - I didn't try
Paula - My favourite move was Kriss Kross
Hevani - I like hip hop, its amazing, it keeps me awake and its fun.
Suave - I liked when we went on the stage.
Syraiah-Lee - It was fun to perform.
Kika - My favourite part was doing the test.

Overall we have really enjoyed learning about hip hop and learning new moves. It was very challenging at times to learn the moves, keep in time and work with others to create our own group. 

Thank you once again Jasmine for teaching us!

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