Sunday, February 4, 2018

What do we remember about recounts?

Today we talked about recounts, we had to try and remember what goes in a recount.
Here is what we came up with as a class.

Next we watched a video (Link to the video) and we wrote a recount about it as a class.

Who: the little girl, Annabelle
What: she was happy, she broke her camera, threw in the bin, camera came to life, made a photo of the girl
Where: small town, Mexico
How/Why: she slipped off the pole and dropped the camera
When: sunny day, broke it in the morning, camera picture - afternoon

One sunny day
Picture of a balloon then it popped
Smiling with white teeth
Only Favourite camera

One sunny day Annabelle strolled around her small town, taking pictures of the many beautiful things. Click. Click. Click. She aimed her camera at a light red balloon and it popped just as she hit the shutter button. She smiled with white teeth as the sun rose high in the sky.

Hand slipped off the pole
Swinging, run up to
Fell on her butt,
Big eyes
Camera lense popped out
Laughing - hehe
She sighed
Cuddled the camera, threw it in the bin

She jogged around the town centre, swung around the lamp post giggling and suddenly… KABOOM! Her big eyes opened as she realised she was lying on the ground. Her elbow was scratched and beginning to bleed. Her favourite camera, which she nicknamed Camey was broken next to her on the cobblestones. She sighed deeply. She picked up Camey and cuddled him to her chest, then he fell to the bottom of the bin.

Girl walked up the stairs crying
Shake the bin
Shut his ears,
Click shutter
Pants fell down
Went into garbage
Photo came out of his mouth
Flicked to her foot
She threw it away
Closed the door
Has an idea

Annabelle climbed the stairs with tears coming down her face. The bin began shaking, Camey was alive! He tried to get out of the bin, but it ended up tipping over. He crawled out and searched for Annabelle. She was at the top of the stairs, her back to him.  Camey rushed to the stairs and ah! His ears flung open. He pushed his plastic ears closed and kept running. She was almost gone! He pushed down on his shutter button and oh no, not again, his plastic pants fell down. He pulled them up quickly and kept sprinting. A polaroid ejected out of his mouth and he flicked it towards Annabelle. It slipped silently under her foot, but the movement caught her eye. She bent down, picked it up, and slowly let it drop from her hand. She closed the front door behind her and Camey was left outside feeling lonely.

Girl crying, looked up
Smile, laugh
Camey smiled
Button nose

Camey looked down at the disgarded photo; he had an idea. Click, click, click. Photo after photo after photo. He arranged them on the wall in a portrait made with love. Annabelle rested her head on her arms, thinking about her favourite camera ever. Something brushed her arm, she looked up and gasped. A 18m tall portrait of her profile covered the wall of the apartment opposite. She felt surprised and happy. How had this happened? Who had made this gift for her? Then she noticed. Her favourite camera, Camey! How had he gotten up here?!?! She embraced Camey and her smile returned.

She prepared for their next adventure; she picked up Camey, bought a new repair kit and set off for the forest. She wondered to herself, ‘what magical portrait he would come up with next..’

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

End of term 4!

Today we celebrated winning Kiwi-Can for this term!

Thanks Miss Lily for our pizza!

We have all worked very hard this year, and moved up lots of levels in our learning!

3 students were celebrated at whole school prizegiving
Hevani - school value award
Paula - most improved award
Lydia - academic excellence award

However the teachers thought we all deserved an award.

From Miss Ashley - I am so proud of you all, have a great holiday!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Sierpinski fractal triangle

Today we made a sierpinkski fractal triangle using 3d pyramids we made from nets.

A sierpinski fractal triangle  "is a mathematically generated pattern in which self-similar shapes are repeated across different scales in a never-ending feedback loop. (I think I got that right.) In layman’s terms, the same shape is repeated in different sizes to infinity."

This was a unique way for us to practice making 3d shapes from nets. 
We then we could also decorate our classroom with Christmas stuff!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Inquiry 'create' - making our own games!

As part of our inquiry into Traditional games, we had to make our own games out of everyday objects.
Here are some of our games!

Monday, December 4, 2017


Today in maths we talked about polygons as part of geometry.
First we talked about the names and shapes for shapes with 'x' amount of slides and corners.

Many students didn't realise that the first part of the word meant a number (e.g. octogon has 8 sides because oct means 8).

Then we talked about different kinds of triangles, because we all didn't know there were different kinds!

Lastly we talked about parallel and perpendicular lines. Miss Ashley had put tape on the carpet in this way so we could sit in parallel and perpendicular lines.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Christmas Party

Last Friday we had a Christmas Party. The wonderful Miss Park organised this for us. 
We wrote letters to 'Santa', and we received presents from 'Santa'.

All the 'Santa's' also put on a sausage sizzle for us and we had a whole school shared lunch.

Here are some pictures from this awesome day.

Thank you to the kind and generous people at Vero who bought us all presents!
We really appreciate it.