Sunday, September 17, 2017

Animal presentations!

As part of our inquiry, we learnt about zoology.
Zoology is the study of animals, their behaviour, physiology and evolution, as well as their interactions with each other and their environment. Zoologists study how animals evolved and the impact of environmental change on their survival.

In buddies, we drew an animal out of a hat and had to research it. 

We started with texts from here, then had to use Google to help answer any other questions we had. We had a lot of tasks to complete about our animals.

Here are some examples of the various tasks we had to do.

Task 1 - Grace and Edith

Task 2 - Syraiah-Lee and Falakika

Task 3 - Lydia and Hiria

Task 4 - Paula and Sosaia

Task 5 - Coralee and Hevani

Task 6 - Falakika and Syraiah-Lee

Task 7 - Edith and Grace

Task 8 - Lydia and Hiria

Each pair also had to prepare a Kahoot with facts from their presentation.
These were really entertaining and interested, and kept out crowd (Room 7, 8 and some of Room 5) hooked into the presentations.

A special thank you to our wonderful audience!

We would love to hear something you have learnt about any animal we talked about, leave us a comment below!



  2. I loved this because it was so fun and absolutely crazy learning about the different types of animals. We should do this again but a different topic.

    -Edith :)) ;D