Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ako Evening Term 3

Last night we had our Ako evening for Term 3.

We prepared display boards to show the 4 hobbies that we learnt the most about. 

We also prepared a giant painting that people could work on collaboratively. 

It was awesome to see the parents coming into the classroom and students ready and able to talk about their learning. 


Painting with family members


Stanley doing a sketch of Joshua

More elastics - parents helping out

Hevani teaching her dad how to play with the chatter rings 

Hevani's sisters learning how to sew

Syraiah-Lee getting her sketch done

Hiria working on some sewing

Thank you to all the parents who came and found out more about what we have been learning about this term. 
When we work together, we can create beautiful things!


  1. HI Miss this was cool,but sadly I had to leave early; luckily it was still fun.

    :D Edith

  2. Wow Room 7 and Miss Ashley, it looks like you had a wonderful evening and shared some fantastic learning. What was your favourite hobby last term? What did you find most challenging about learning these new skills? It looks like you had a really fun term.

    From Miss Davis