Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How does the solar system work?

For the last two weeks of school, we are learning about Space.

We don't know that much about space - mainly only that there is no oxygen in space.

Miss Ashley made this resource and we will use it for week 9 and week 10 to help us learn about space. 

Already we have learnt so much. You should check out the corridor outside our class to see what specific things we have learnt.

One of those things is what order the planets go in, and that they orbit around the sun while rotating. Here is a video of us trying to understand this.

We will show you more things we learnt about space as we go!


  1. i like how we are learning all about space also am learning so much so far

  2. I liked the fascinating facts about space and it is very interesting on how it works and i learned more than i use to know about space which is very helpfull for my learning.