Tuesday, May 30, 2017

WAL how to make SUSHI!

As part of our inquiry unit, Room 7 students wanted to make food and do some cooking. One of the things we wanted to make was Sushi. 

so today.. we made sushi!

First, Miss Ashley showed us how to put the rice onto the seaweed.

Next, Miss Ashley put on veggies like capsicum and cucumber onto the rice. 

Then showed us how to roll the sushi by holding down on the bamboo mat.
(Like this....)

And how to cut it up to share with our buddy.

Then we went away, and added veggies and tuna to our own sushi rolls. 

When we had shared our sushi roll with our buddy, we took a picture of our masterpiece before we dipped it in some soy sauce and ate it!


We had a great time learning how to make sushi. 
We hoped you like learning about the different steps you have to do.

What is your favourite kind of sushi? 
Comment below and let us know!


  1. cool i love sushi i have it every friday

  2. that is so good it very amazing if you made me one i will like it

  3. I really liked the cucumber and the sushi. it looks really really nice. good job :)

  4. Its nice i like the pictures and the details and it looks really yum!!

  5. This is soo cool it looks yummy and nice to eat for me im getting hungry.

  6. Hey Room 7,
    This was my first time experiencing making sushi and i really enjoyed it. I loved how it tasted and can't wait to make fries next time!


  7. I really enjoyed making Sushi I wonder what we are going to do next. I wish to do this always, I think we did a great job this was amazing we should do this more often.

  8. the sushi was really nice an perfect it was so amazing miss Ashley thanks

  9. Hi Room 7,This was my first time making sushi and I have really enjoined this and great work for everyone of making your own sushi and that now maybe Miss Ashley could let us make us something else and good listening even though it was really hard to make it.Great Job RM7!!!

  10. I really enjoyed making sushi, I hope we keep doing this.

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  12. i didn't really like the Sushi but i gave it a try

  13. also i really liked that we all work in a team and giving thing a try Thankyou Miss Ashley

  14. Hi Miss this was so fun, next time we could try some chicken. Overall so much fun!!!.

    -Edith :D

  15. i really had run making sushi and i hope next time we will make chocolate yum yum thankyou Miss Ashley