Tuesday, May 16, 2017

WAL about SOLO Taxonomy

This morning we learnt about SOLO Taxonomy and Room 6 came to join us to learn about it as well.

SOLO taxonomy is a model to explain different levels of thinking about a particular topic or idea.

After we all kind of understood what the rollercoaster model of SOLO meant, we did an example of it.

We started with writing one idea about food on a post-it note. (Uni-structural)

Next, we put all our ideas together. (Multi-structural)

Then, we grouped the ideas that were similar and made connections between them. (Relational)

Next, we thought of big ideas about food that could be based off information in the post it notes. (Extended Abstract). 

Some students talked about how two different kinds of orange juice can have different amounts of sugar, others talked about family members who got sick because they ate too much sugar, and others talked about how different kinds of chocolate have different levels of sugar and coco in them, and which one is healthier for you (and which one tasted nicer.. and why). 

We are going to be using this SOLO taxonomy to guide our thinking into deeper, more extended abstract, complex webs so that we are thinking critically about what we are learning about.

We also gave Room 6 a poster like ours so they wouldn't forget about SOLO.

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  1. It was great to join you Room 7 for this session. We know some of the things about Solo Taxonomy now and we will use this to do our inquiry about food this term.