Sunday, May 14, 2017

WAL about the food pyramid

Our inquiry this term is called 'Fuelled for life - food, fitness, feel good!'

This morning we made a KWL chart to begin our inquiry.
KWL charts stand for 
what we KNOW,
what we WANT to know,
and what we LEARNT (you fill this part out later!). 

Here is what we wanted to learn about...

The main things we want to learn about and/or do are..

Experiments - boiling coke, making lava lamps out of oil and water, seeing how much sugar is in drinks. 

Finding out - how veggies are made, how they grow and where our food comes from, how food has changed over time (e.g. chocolate), what is really in our food (e.g. chicken nuggets), why junk food exists if it is bad for us, how to read nutritional facts on the back of the packet and why packaging is important.

Making food - sushi, cooking tacos, burritos, burgers and fries.

Doing stuff - coming up with better lunch order options (instead of pies, etc.), having a debate, having a healthy shared lunch.

These all sound like awesome learning opportunities and we can't wait to get started! 


This afternoon Room 7, and our Room 5 guests did an activity to help us learn about the food pyramid.

We cut up Countdown and New World catalogues, cutting out different food items, and organised them into food pyramids.

Here is what we came up with...

We discussed that foods like fruit, vegetables and meat are down the bottom and how junk food like chocolate and ice cream are up the top. 
If they are up the top it means you should only eat those foods a little bit, and if they are at the bottom it means you should eat lots of those foods. 
The food in the middle is not really bad for you, or really good for you. They are sometimes foods. We put things like chips, crackers, milo and biscuits in this category because sometimes they have a lot of added sugar and salt so it makes them bad.


  1. Wow i like that you guy all worked together and made ever put on more on the sides Good work room 7

  2. wow that is so cool RM 7. :) good job room 7

  3. I think we did a great job working together and participating in this activity I really enjoyed it and wish to do more(learn more) soon I would really appreciate it.

  4. Hi room 7 this looks so fantastic well done room 7 keep it up.

  5. Hi room 7 this looks so fantastic well done room 7 keep it up.

  6. Hi room 7 this looks so fantastic well done room 7 keep it up.

  7. Hi room 7 i think you did great and fantastic

  8. That looks really cool the food pyramid

  9. The food Pyramid it is an very good idea I like it keep it up

  10. it looks like a egypt pyramid

  11. Hey Room 7
    I really enjoyed learning about the K W L chart and really enjoyed participating in making the food pyramid. I really liked the way these turned out. I can't wait to do the experiments and hopefully we can make another food pyramid!