Monday, March 20, 2017

What is AMETI? (Monday, W8, T1)

This week we are learning about AMETI.

We started off with this picture Miss Ashley took ...

We brainstormed what we know about it - this sign is in Panmure by the Mobil station, most of our class had seen it before, its by the round about, its near Burger King, etc. 

Then Miss Ashley shared a site she had made.

We talked about what these words mean, including Googling the meaning of initiate. We talked about the difference between Auckland and Manukau, what a busway was, what we already knew about the new bus and train station in Panmure and the new weird green bus lanes by the round about. 
(Connecting to our prior knowledge!!)

Then we put our initial ideas onto an AnswerGarden.

Then we went onto the 'LEARN' part of the site and explored all the resources provided to find out more information. There were videos from AT/AMETI, NZ herald articles, blog posts, articles and more.

Our AnswerGarden grew and grew as we added ideas that we learnt.
These ideas became more detailed as we understood the ideas more.

To support our learning, our spelling words this week are
  1. Traffic
  2. Congested
  3. Vehicle
  4. Pedestrian
  5. Navigation
  6. Interchange
  7. Bottleneck
  8. Roundabout
  9. Residential
  10. Commercial
  11. Freight
  12. Culdesac
  13. Restrict
  14. Access
  15. Investigation
  16. Geotechnical
  17. Overbridge
  18. Management
  19. Panmure
  20. Jellicoe


  1. Good job room 7 i like that you use a lot of information from web to share with each other

  2. i like how you got lots of information in your work and have lots in brian about AMETI.