Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Summarising key information - AMETI (Wednesday, W8, T1)

Today we spent time looking at the resources in depth - looking for key facts and summarising the main ideas.

For example..

Viliami @ Tamaki Primary School: Viliami AMETI summaries: WALT summarise the main ideas in a text I read the text called ….. AMETI PROJECT WILL EFFECT US ALL Here is the URL for this text..htt...

Next, we used some toy trains to make a model of the Panmure roundabout.
The purpose of this was to explain visually how the traffic flow will be effected.

We made Panmure roundabout then showed how all the streets come off of it.

This is looking at Lagoon Drive.

We talked about how when the roundabout is taken away and replaced with traffic lights, other roads are also affected. For example, cars can't exit Jellicoe Road to the intersection anymore - only to Queens Road. But cars from the intersection can enter Jellicoe road.. Confusing right?

Next we showed how Queens Road would be effected. As cars can't exit Jellicoe Road onto the roundabout/intersection, they need to go through Queens road to get to the roundabout/intersection. 
Hence, there will be lots of traffic going down Queens Road (see all the cars?).

Next, we made our own maps of the Panmure area and wrote what changes would happen to each of the roads.
For example..


  1. hi good job room 7 i like the train tracks it is cool keep it up

  2. I like how you were explaining about AMETI

  3. I like how you were explaining about AMETI