Thursday, March 23, 2017

CREATE tasks - AMETI (Thursday, W8, T1)

Today we created something to represent the ideas we have been learning about.

Here are some students create tasks.

Falakika @ Tamaki Primary School: AMETI Create: Today in room 7 I drew a sketchnote about AMETI to show some of the changes.

Hiria @ Tamaki Primary School: AMETI create: i made a poster to show about AMETI

Coralee @ Tamaki Primary School: AMETI CREATE: today i made a video about ameti and added INFO so you know what i'm talking about..

Made by Auckland, Amon, Sosaia, Viliami and Suave. 

Made by Syraiah-Lee. 

Made by Stanley.

Made by Lydia and Edith. Our new student Jessica helped edit. 


  1. Hi Syria-lee, Your video is very good but you should try use I move for the editing.

  2. Hi Boys, Your video doesnt really match what were learning, yous could be a bit louder or use the voice monitor on the Imovie. But good job.

  3. This was such a fun topic to do I hope we do something relatable for the next topic.

  4. #STop moving the camera and i like that you all try to make a video good job

  5. i like how you know what you are going to say

  6. i really like how you made all of the videos together and how you explained what is going on. good job :)

  7. i like how you know things about ameti you guys are smart

  8. I liked how they answered the question but mostly you's need more ideas
    great work!