Monday, March 27, 2017

Using screencastify!

Today we downloaded a Chrome extension called Screencastify. 
This app lets us record our screens and ourselves. 

We can't do this without the app.

We will use it a lot to collect evidence of our learning.

Check out some students first attempt!

Let us know what you think!


  1. Hi Room 7!!

    Room 10 is very inspired and very impressed with your screencasts. We especially cracked up at Amon's Jamaican accent! It was nice to see Miss Ashley's class site she has created for you and the timetable.

    We are going to try and give this a go! Do you have any tips for us?

    Thanks again!
    Room 10!

    1. Hi Miss Kyla,

      Miss Aireen said that we might come and model for you how to do it at the beginning of next term, since you are so busy with the Te Oro create project at the moment.

      If you want to get this sorted on your own then go ahead! A tip I would give is to make sure 'embed webcam' is clicked, so you can see yourself in the bottom right hand corner. Also to make sure students select 'tab' to record, otherwise it will record your desktop instead..

      Good luck!