Thursday, June 22, 2017

Laws in NZ

Today Constable Teina came to talk to us about laws in New Zealand.

We learnt a lot about different laws and what happens when people break those laws. 

In school we have rules and if you have rules you could get expelled, but in the big world they call it laws. If you break the laws there is a penalty - Lydia.

For example, if you try to rob someone its called robbery. Robbery is only if they threaten people with a weapon or there are two people  - Auckland

Burglary is different to robbery because instead of threatening people, they just break in and steal it - Grace.

If you stab someone you might have to stay at jail for 3 1/2 years - Fine.

Every bad thing that you do has a consequence. A consequence is like a punishment - Merielle.

There are 5 types of abuse in New Zealand. Domestic, sexual, emotional, physical and neglect - Hevani.

If you are in shop with someone and they are stealing something (even if you aren't), that is known as 'a party to' the crime. They have to spend 3 1/2 years because thats the half of the 7 year punishment for the person who actually stole it - Edith

When you assault a female, it will be called Male Assaults Female and you can go to prison for 9 years - Amon.

If you hit a woman you will go to the judge and the judge will say guilty or not guilty. Guilty means you did it and not guilty means you didn't do it - Stanley.

If you hit someone and you go to the judge, you can ask for bail which means you go out of jail but you have follow the certain rules they give you (the bail conditions) - Coralee.

Manslaughter is when you kill someone by accident - Falakika.

Murder is when you kill someone on purpose - Syraiah-Lee.

Sentence means how long you have to go to jail - Lopiseni.

There are 5 different kinds of abuse. One of emotional, one is physical violence, sexual violence, domestic and neglect - Ariki.

They'll just talk about what did you do, like did you say yes or no, and you have to go court. At court the judge talks to you about what happened and its up to the judge how many years they stay in jail - Suave and Sosaia.

If you steal you will go to jail for 7 years if its more than $500, and if its less than $500 you get a $1,000 fine - Kordell.

To finish off we watched this Youtube clip which is about laws as well.

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