Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Inquiry (Term 1, Week 5) - Visiting the creek

On Wednesday afternoon we went to the local creek along with our buddy class Room 4. 

There, we talked about
-what we could see
-what we could smell
-what we could taste
-what we could touch
-what we could hear

When we came back to school, we wrote on the whiteboard all our ideas so we didn't forget. 
Here is what we came up with -

On Thursday morning, we wrote about different objects we found while visiting the creek.

Here is what we came up with

Next, we created descriptions of these objects and how/where we found them (students did this in groups)

At the border of the meadow there was a large hibiscus tree. The sun shone down on the tree and made the orange flowers glow. They reminded us of a beautiful sunset, bursting brightly with orange and yellow petals.

Somewhere in the tall trees fell small green round rocky balls from the tree. It was a good idea to been chucked into the water.

As we walked on the bank our feet crunched on fallen leaves. The stalk of the leaves looked like dried up worms. The sun was so bright that it burned the the leaf like a crispy skin. The veins of the leaf were revolting.

At the edge of the creek we found a hard sharp rock that smelled like the worm farm. This kind of rock was not made to throw, but it was a good throwing rock. It had minute holes that made it look like a meteoir. When the sun shines down onto it, it has a shiny glow. It looked like it was from under the ground with dirt covering it.

It was a beautiful day, as we were taking a walk to the GI creek. As we were walking around the smooth but itchy grass, we came upon thes unique leaves. At first we thought they were twigs, but we came to realise they were unique leaves. They felt fake, and smellled old. It was an amazing adventure.

One day we went to the creek. We found some bark that fell from the tree. It looks hairy and felt soft like foam. It was very easy to break the bark because it was dying. When we picked it up it lost some dust and hairs. When we were looking around the meadow we saw eels and one little fish.

Next, we used those descriptions to write our recounts. 
We will post these when they are finished.. 


  1. Great work Ashley, today we are going down to the creek and lets see what my students have to say.
    Good to see you giving that extra push to descriptive language!

  2. Hi Miss Ashley, I really liked this post but you have written water twice at the end of the 2nd paragraph. But keep the good work up :D


  3. good work i like that you post imported information about when you guy when to the creek

  4. good work i like that you post imported information about when you guy when to the creek

  5. Hi Room 7! I can see that you saw, touched, heard and smelled many things when you explored the creek environment near Tamaki Primary. We (Room 9 @ PES) have also been for a walk to our local creek near Pt England to check out what we could see, hear and smell. I look forward to reading your recounts.

  6. Hi Room 7. WOW this is an amazing experience. I love how you have worked together with your younger buddy class to help build on their knowledge. Have you thought about creating a book with all your descriptions so that others can learn about their community through your writing. What a great way to make the learning real.