Monday, July 31, 2017

PB4L movie - how should we act in assembly?

Today we talked about what behaviours should and shouldn't be seen at school assemblies.

The teachers made a silly video showing us all the bad behaviours we shouldn't be doing, so we decided to make a video showing how it should really be done.

Notice how we...
  • entered assembly in two quiet straight lines
  • stood up and sat down quietly when instructed
  • clapped at the end (when people got certificates)
  • listened to our teacher and left the room in two quiet straight lines
  • didn't talk during the assembly
  • kept our hands and feet to ourselves

What was something you noticed somebody doing that showed the expectation of the assembly?
Leave your answer in a comment below.


  1. Amazingly fantastic assembly behaviour!!!!

  2. Fantastic assembly behaviour and thank you for showing us how we should behave in assembly.

  3. Hi Rm7,
    I really enjoyed making this movie and I think these are some great ways of how we should behave in a assembly. I showed this movie to my little brother and he says he really likes it. One behaviour that I noticed was when I was giving out tokens Saia wanted one but didn't get one. He made a little face but didn't start moaning or anything. Anywho this movie/short film is awesome!

    - Lydia

  4. Hi Rm 7,
    I most definitely enjoyed acting this play out, I hope we can get the whole school to do this. I noticed that instead of giving people high fives when they got the certificate, we gave way for them to get through.

  5. Hi Room 7, I like how yous showed how to behave properly in assembly I love keep it up!

  6. Hi room 7 i love relly love that this a very good video to show other people what you should be doing and you did very good acting