Monday, July 24, 2017

Diving into inquiry!

Today we added onto our inquiry learning from yesterday (about leisure and entertainment in the 20th century) and we went further into history.

Miss Ashley gave us heaps of non-fiction (real) books that we had to read to find out information about different ancient civilisations, and then write any facts we found on the right piece of paper.

Here is what we came up with.

Next, we got to choose which of the civilisations we wanted to learn more about. Miss Ashley gave us a list of questions, and we allocated them to different group members and started researching.

Key questions
  1. Who were the people who lived at this time?
  2. What time did they live in?
  3. Where did they live?
  4. What made their place different, unique or special?
  5. What belief system did these people have and how did they worship?
  6. Who were the important people at the time, and what made them important?
  7. What was the working industry like? (What kinds of jobs did people have, did they have holidays, who worked, how much were they paid?)
  8. What did these people do for leisure and entertainment?
  9. Describe how they...
    1. got their food
    2. Kept safe from other nations
    3. Dressed
    4. Made their houses (what did they look like, what were they made of etc)
    5. Travelled (if applicable)
    6. Conquered other nations (if applicable)
  10. What event/action are these people most famous for?

We will keep you updated as to where we go with our research.

Share with us below what you have learnt about any of the civilisations!


  1. During the lesson I learned that egyptians thought cats were gods. I also learned that egyptians live in the african continent and egyptians are a group of citizens native to egypt sharing a common culture.

  2. During the lesson I learned that egyptians thought cats were gods. I also learned that egyptians live in the african continent and egyptians are a group of citizens native to egypt sharing a common culture.

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  4. i learnt that greece has golden apple and in rome kid will play with pig budder but bow it up first then play football with it also roman were first ruled by kings then in 509 BC, it became a republic place and in Italy, about 2,000 years ago. roman people were farmer in they became rich and powerful. the they built a fine city and soon was the mightiest empire the world had ever seen butt hey had good law like fresh water,drains that worked, cheap entertainment and food for the poor.

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  7. During this lesson i learned more about Ancient Rome and The gods such as:Serapis,Jupiter,Juno,Mars and last was Apollo those are the gods that the Romans believed in and i learned about Ancient Egypt as well like the pyramid is made out of limestone and the pyramid had to be the perfect measurement and then when Miss Ashley showed us a page with a pyramid of people and it looked like the poor people were on the bottom the richest ones were at the top like the Pharaoh the Pharaoh is at the top because he is the king but the farmers are at the bottom because they are slaves and they are poor as well so the poor like the farmers build the pyramid because they are poor and they use very old tools to build the pyramid perfectly. Did you know that the pyramid of Giza is the first tallest pyramid.

  8. What I learnt about vikings was that the vikings from Norway,Denmark and Sweden.They attacked the coasts of northern Europe from around 800 to 1100 CE, bringing terror to peaceful places.They stole money, destroyed houses and churches, and captured people to sell as slaves.But the Vikings were not just bloodthirsty bandits.They were tough sailors, clever merchants, skilful craft workers and bold explorers.They were also hard-working settlers, who built new farms, villages, forts and towns.These are all viking words:both,drag,egg,fall,gale,knife,score,scold,ship,sling,slug,smile,
    want,whirl,whistle,window and wing.

  9. I chose to read a book about how it was to live like a knight back in the days. I learnt that there was a feudal system and this system was like a ladder. The king lived at the top and he ruled over the whole entire land, then the nobles ruled over the knights, the knights ruled over the peasants, and the peasants were poor so they lived at the very bottom. I also learnt that if you were born into a poor family then you were poor but if you were born into a rich family than you would be able to live in nice houses and castles. One other thing I learnt was that back in the day some people believed in fairies, witches and devils. For the medicine they used Goose fat, garlic, blood from bull/rabbit, tea made from black berry leave, and baths in hot water. I learnt a lot from this book and really found it cool to learn about their history.

    - Lydia

  10. i learnt that roman women did not have the same rights as the men did. women were not allowed to vote and they had to obey their husband or their father. i also learnt that when roman soldiers were advancing towards the enemy they did a special trick called the tortoise. they would hold their shield high up on top of their head to make a sort of shell. when they do that it protects them from getting hurt but when they do it it is hard for the them to see.

  11. i learnt that in egypt they treat cats like gods
    and if you harm one you will get killed

  12. During this lesson I learnt how each country has there own traditional story(Legend) like the Romans story(legend) they say that A king named Numitor had two baby grandsons, called Romulus and Remus. They were thrown into the River Tiber, but a wolf rescued them and brought them up. When they grew up, the brothers built Rome.