Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hiria @ Tamaki Primary School: A Recount About Spellig

Great feelings Hiria - also great paragraphs. You have got the who/what/when/why/who/where part and your story is in chronological order. 
Next steps - adding more detail about what was happening. For example, instead of saying 'we had to spell the word', you could say 'I thought about the word, it rolled around in my head, and my hand magically began scribbling out the letters N-E-T, before I even realised I was writing!'.

Hiria @ Tamaki Primary School: A Recount About Spellig: My spelling Words. Spelling was little hard ,boring, the worst time but i like the spelling test but  it long to write and it 100 wor...


  1. great story Hiria,you got everything,you got the who/when/what/where/how it was a amazing recount nice job!!!

  2. Hi there well done on your reflection. I can see that you are really thinking about how to improve on your recount. From Mr Hattie Stonefields School.