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Sunday, March 11, 2018

WAL about different kinds of bridges!

Today we learnt about different kinds of bridges. 
We used dry pasta to help us make models of some of the different kinds of bridges we learnt about.

We learnt about...

Swing bridges

Beam bridges

Arch bridges

Suspension bridges

Cable-stay bridges

 Truss bridges


  1. i really like how you use pasta for your project you guys are really smart and clever what a great idea room7 love it.

  2. hi room 7, nice pasta bridges I like the swing bridge because they have little bouts. I like the beam bridge to because under it there it a moter way good job room 7.

  3. Hi room 7, I like the swing bridge because it open and shunt and also it was the panmure first swing bridge also good job.\
    keep the hard nice work

  4. You guys are really creative like al of yours it is so cool.

  5. Everyone who helped in this is very creative.

  6. OMG your guys is bridges are made out of pasta that's cool

  7. eveyone is so creative keep up the work