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Monday, March 12, 2018

Bridge art!

After we learnt about bridges yesterday, today we made some art with the theme of bridges.
We used dye to make a beautiful sunset background. 
We made connections to art lessons we did earlier in the term where we talked about warm and cool colours. 

After our backgrounds had dried over morning tea time, we used black paint to paint on our bridge design. We had to choose from one of the types of bridges we learnt about yesterday.

Here is our artwork.


  1. i like how you guys draw your guys bridges it was really created with nice colours keep it up.

  2. hi room 7, nice painting of the bridge it looks so cool. they look very cool I like the defrean kind of pitures and the background nice work keep it up

  3. Nice painting and sketching the bridge and it look very good nice Keep up the good work

  4. Man your guys is art is so amazing even better then my one cause I always make big mistakes

  5. i like the variety of colors keep up the work

  6. Hi room 7,
    What wonderful art you made it is like looking into the coolest mirror ever.

  7. Malo lelei Room 7,
    I love how beautiful your artworks are. Something I noticed is your punctuation. Overall great job. Ka Pai.