Thursday, June 1, 2017


This week we were lucky enough to have Rachel Walker come and teach us some sign language.

She taught us how to say some phrases in Sign Language such as My name is Lydia, (your name),  and Your name what? She also taught us the colours, alphabet and numbers. I learnt that us human beings that can hear can just talk to someone across the Room but death people use Sign Language and facial expressions to show what they are talking about without talking. I also learnt that their are different types of Sign Language (because I thought NZ Sign Language was the same as any other types of Sign Language) in different types of countries. I really enjoyed having Rachel teach us about Sign Language and I learnt a lot.

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  1. wow looks like yous have learned lot's and more of N.Z sign language

  2. Wow, it looks like that Lydia is good at teaching sign language and you learn so fast.

  3. i really love sign language because i learned how to say my name and many more thankyou

  4. I really liked it how Rachel came into our class to tech us NZSL
    (New Zealand Sign Language) I came into the class late but I did not miss much I came right on time just when she was about to tech us.
    I really liked learning NZSL.

    Nice Work

  5. hi
    i really love how you guys learnt sign language and i really like your video girls. great gob keep up the work. :)

  6. wow that is amazing you are learning so much things this week keep i hope you learn more

  7. hi i like how you had a debate about it is really cool you guys must have learned something.

  8. Hi room 7 and room 5 I really love how you guys listened very carefully to Rachel I hope yous had a great time keep it up!!

  9. I like what you have learned in SLNZ

  10. this is a so cool movie itt good keep it up epic great work

  11. I really enjoyed learning NZSL it is really cool and helps alot with people that are death.