Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Making Fries!

We are still continuing with our inquiry 'Fuelled for Life' and learning about different foods.
Room 7 really wanted to make their own hot fries! 

First, we washed some potatoes. 
Next, students got to choose if they wanted to peel them or not (the skin has lots of nutrients!)

Next, we cut the potatoes up into 'chip' sized pieces.

Then we tossed them in a bowl or small dish with a small amount of oil. 

The next step was to lay the fries out on the baking tray lined with tin foil, and sprinkle over the seasoning of your choice.

These were the seasonings we had - chicken salt, cajun, lemon pepper and mixed herbs.


Here are some of the students reflections - 

Edith @ Tamaki Primary School: Making fries

Syraiah-Lee @ Tamaki Primary School: Making fries: this was about making fries

Auckland @ Tamaki Primary School: Making Fries: Today Room 7 made fries.  First before we made fries I washed my hands. Next Miss Ashley gave us potatoes but first we had to go wash it. ...

Lopiseni @ Tamaki Primary School: fries: today we made fries and first we had to cut the potatoes in half and thin we had to cut it in little pieces and put it in the bowl with oy...

Saia @ Tamaki Primary School: fries: Today we made fries.   first we miss ashley chose a group. Next we got potato then got a knife then made the potato a half then we cut lik...

Merielle @ Tamaki Primary School: DIY FRIES

Ariki @ Tamaki Primary School: cooking fries

Joshua N @ Tamaki Primary School: we made fries: today we made fries first we got a bag of potatoes then we got 1 potato each and we pealed it then we cut it in to sticks and we put it in ...

Viliami @ Tamaki Primary School: WALT make fries

Suave @ Tamaki Primary School: WALT make fries: this is when we made fries and they were just cooked and we did this all the time it is cooking and we cook every week last week we made ...

Kordell @ Tamaki Primary School: I love fries: I love chips.  Today we made chips in class. First we washed the potatoes and after that we got to choose if we wanted to peel it o...

Falakika @ Tamaki Primary School: Fries: Today room 7 were put into groups and one group each would make their fries while they are making their fries the rest of the class would...

Coralee @ Tamaki Primary School: Cooking Fries: Today in room 7 we made Fries, Miss Ashley Called group to make the fries first and started to wash the potato, Miss Ashley said we...

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